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It's an offer that the younger man seizes like a drowning man grasping for a hand.After meeting Dan's pregnant wife, Ann (Marg Helgenberger), and teenage daughter, Jana (Zena Grey), Carter becomes dazzled by the idea of domestic bliss.Many of the movie's central ideas will connect with viewers, especially those with experience working for companies that have become pawns in the corporate takeover game.In Good Company offers a reminder that the only thing harder than watching a friend go while a hotshot know-it-all takes his place is going yourself.

In the film, Grace plays Carter, a young executive promoted to the head of advertising at a sports magazine following a corporate takeover.And, since his wife of seven months walked out on him, he's feeling lonely.It's nothing to him to bring in his entire team on a Sunday afternoon.In Good Company captures this viewpoint in a manner that reflects both the absurdity and poignancy of the situations it creates.It used to be that going to work was like visiting a second family. Now, however, the workplace has become like a fox-hole, where people are bound together by a bunker mentality: survive so you can collect another pay check. When someone is laid off, there are usually three reactions: anger at the injustice of it all, sadness at the blow to the person who is impacted, and relief that it's not you.

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